About Us

The edge in STRATA7’s holistic approach to unified business communications includes our elegantly robust API stack of cloud voice, mobility, video, presence, collaboration and analytics solutions; combined with certified tools, services, security and the people to make your company’s communications easy to manage and less expensive to operate.

Should we also add, Intelligent?

STRATA7 was born out of a sincere desire to do telecommunications right


Communications Platform as a Service is cloud-based Voice on steroids that provides customer facing real-time contextual communications solutions. STRATA7’s CPaaS service provides our stack of PBX API as a full PBX or for a specific application, such as a Contact Center, all with portal access for complete management.

The bottom-line is the control of a Premise PBX without the hassles and expense.

No License Fee or Renewals | Optional Update Sandbox Testing | Open WebRTC SDK | Call-Path Pricing | Flat-Rate Call Path Pricing

WebRTC Platform

Whether you know it or not, your company is already taking advantage of WebRTC. Standardized by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the same organization that brought us HTML, WebRTC is embedded in IOS, Android and Chrome to name a few.  If you use SnapChat, Uber, Fitbit or Slack, just to name a few you’re using WebRTC. 

STRATA7’s open WebRTC APIs allow companies to easily create browser-to-browser applications for internal tasks or for customer forward apps call center interface streamlining. WebRTC APIs customization flexibility dramatically reduces time-to-implementation.

SIP Trunking

STRATA7’s SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) option helps businesses of all sizes cost-effectively consolidate their local and long-distance services onto a predictable and easy to understand Flat Rate monthly plan.

Whether you prefer a Premise-based PBX solution, or are just upgrading, STRATA7’s SIP platform gives you the call routing agility and real-time support you’re looking for. Our network handles millions of calls per day without a hitch. STRATA7, that’s peace-of-mind service.

CRM Integration

Integrating your phone system and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution into the same interface allows your employees to quickly find customer information during calls. But, that’s not all. STRATA7’s CRM integration will allow you to keep record of call length, update your CRM on-the-go and much more.

One platform isn’t for everyone, so STRATA7 offers integrations for some of the most popular CRM and SaaS apps in the business world.

Secure MPLS Cloud

SIP, VoIP, and Video over the open internet. Really. STRATA7 pumps our traffic via secure VPNs to our MPLS Cloud or through direct MPLS connection to your locations caressed in AT&T’s NetBond technology. We provide end-to-end and multilayered protection securing superior network performance. With as much as 50% lower latency relative to traditional cloud access over the public internet or hair pinning through a corporate data center and 3x greater availability than traditional Internet, STRATA7 makes sure you’re connected and secure.

Contact Center Flex – From 2 to 2,000

The perception that Contact Centers are only for a cube farm with hundreds of users is naïve.  Any part of your business that touches the customer – billing, sales, customer care, help desk, etc. – is an area that could benefit from STRATA7’s contact center communications tools.

With STRATA7’s API stack, including call recording, an ad hock group of two can be monitored and managed while letting your customers enjoy the benefit of “Callback”, queues and faster response.  Management of more traditional Contact Centers delight in STRATA7’s WebRTC APIs with its customization flexibility which dramatically reduces the time-to-implementation curve.