Microsoft Teams Integrations

Adoption of collaboration tools for remote and virtual workforces has skyrockted in recent years.

While Microsoft Teams does provide excellent communication features, it is far from a complete unified communications, collaboration, and contact center platform. Many of the features that are required for modern enterprise are either unavailable or not intuitive compared to other solutions.

STRATA7 brings today’s essential communications features to the Microsoft Teams platform – bringing true mobility, analytics, contact center, and call routing – standard.

For Better Workforce Collaboration

STRATA7 provides a complete UC&C platform within Teams, bringing mobility, analytics, contact center, and enhanced call routing across multiple endpoints.

Work within the familiar Microsoft Teams interface, and connect seamlessly to other Microsoft products.

There’s no need for a new window or an additional login. It’s a seamless experience from MS Team’s basic features to the expanded capabilities of the STRATA7 platform.

With the integration of the STRATA7 platform, you can fully realize the capabilities of Microsoft Teams.

  • Collaboration and connection to your remote workforce
  • Integration into existing platforms and business processes
  • Intuitive and easy-to-learn user interface

Familiar Interface

Integrated to Other Microsoft Products

Already Part of Your Business Processes

Superior Support

Customized Solutions

Trusted Experts

A Single Bill

Extension Dialing

Advanced Call Routing

Full Analytics

Call Recording

Contact Center

True Mobility

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Microsoft Teams Integrations