Mobile App

Imagine having the same visibility and control you have on your company phone system – on every employee’s mobile phone

Just download the New STRATA7 Mobile App onto any mobile phone from the app store and turn it into an extension of your company phone system running on the STRATA7 platform. This empowers businesses to take total control of mobile voice, messaging, and data like never before.

Employees can now carry their desk phone with them wherever they go. With a mobile phone running the New STRATA7 Mobile App, employees don’t need a separate work and personal mobile phone anymore. Your employees remain connected to the company phone system and will become more productive and efficient whether they are in or out of the office.

Adopt and utilize a mobile-first strategy for your business using a mobile unified communications platform:

  • One number – for mobile and company desk phones
  • Extension-to-extension dialing and transfer from your mobile device
  • Equip your employees to carry desk phones wherever they go
  • Connect and monitor your employee’s voicemail, messaging, and call data
  • Send alerts and notifications – using unlimited talk and text
  • Capture and record mobile voice calls and text messages securely
  • When employees leave or change roles, re-assign corporate data
    (phone numbers, calls, and messages) to new users
  • Mobility for your ever-changing remote workforce
  • Control over your Intellectual Property
  • Protect your employee’s privacy

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