STRATA7 Unified Communications

In today’s dynamic business environment, flexibility of your technology is more important than ever. The ability to conduct business from multiple locations is key. Mobility is not just for road warriors anymore. The ability to mobilize an individual or an entire workforce is key to operating a business today. Is your company still using 20th century technology in a 21st century world?

Keep your team connected while enhancing your business processes, increase productivity, and improve customer service by eliminating the barriers that come with trying to manage remotely.

Unified Communications

Intelligently integrates many communications applications into a unified experience so end-users can communicate anywhere, on any device, at any time. Many businesses are turning to UC to enhance business processes, increase productivity, and improve customer service by eliminating the barriers that come with trying to manage disparate tools.

SIP Trunking

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking options help businesses of all sizes cost-effectively transition from a legacy PBX or Key System and consolidate their local and long-distance services in the cloud.


Our Communications Platform as a Service offering is a cloud-based business communications platform that resides in the STRATA7 data centers allowing customers to run and manage their communications network without the complexity of building and maintaining the infrastructure typically associated with a business phone system.


STRATA7 integrates communications applications such as voice, messaging, and conferencing into one unified experience, combining our diverse tools into a single platform that is fully mobile and flexible. And because it is hosted in the cloud, our solution is available anywhere in the world!

WebRTC Platform

The STRATA7 open WebRTC APIs allow companies to easily create browser-to-browser applications for internal tasks or for customer facing applications and call center interface streamlining. WebRTC-enabled browser applications are able to create real-time voice or video connections to other WebRTC devices or media servers increasing operability and productivity.

CRM Integration

Integrating your phone system and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution into the same interface increases productivity allowing your employees to quickly find customer information during calls.


The STRATA7 approach to business communications includes our robust API stack of cloud-based voice, mobility, video, presence, collaboration and analytics solutions, all combined with certified tools, services, security and the people to make your company’s communications easy to manage and less expensive to operate.


What We Offer

The Cloud has transformed business phone systems into communications hubs touching every aspect of the daily operations of a business.

The STRATA7 cloud telephony solution extends your office to any location at any time. Your desk phone number, CRM integration, contact center, voice mails, audio & video conference calling, and auto attendants are all accessible by simply picking up and moving your desk phone, or you can use our mobile app from your smartphone or tablet or web phone from any browser. All of this is available anytime, anywhere in one seamless integrated solution.


Get your business telephone system out of the closet and into the cloud. STRATA7 provides the scalable, cost-effective, cloud-based phone system your business needs to improve productivity.


Providing powerful calling and mobility features, STRATA7’s Intelligent Communications ensure that your employees and office locations stay connected no matter where they are located.


STRATA7 provides the customized network solutions your organization needs to stay connected in today’s demanding environment.

Contact Center with Analytics

Any part of your business that touches the customer – billing, sales, customer care, help desk, etc. – is an area that could benefit from the STRATA contact center tools. Our powerful real-time analytics help you deliver reliable, measureable service levels to your customers.